UM-Z3SV The Takex UM-Ultra Miniature Series of sensors


Detection methodConvergent
Detecting distance5-30mm
(50x50mm white
drawing paper)
Detection objectOpaque, translucent, transparent
Power supply12-24V DC±10% / Ripple 10% or less
Current consumption27mA
or less
Output modeNPN open collector
Rating: sink current 80mA (30 VDC) or less
Operation mode(See the Type table in the previous page)
Response time0.5ms or less
HysteresisUp to 10% of detecting distance
Light source (light wavelength)Red LED (640nm)
IndicatorOperation indicator (red LED),
Stability indicator (green LED)
Volume (VR) *in-line
MaterialCase : Liquid crystalline polyester (filler: polypropylene)
Lens : Polycarbonate
ConnectionAttached cable (dia. 2.8)
0.15 mm2 x 3 cores 2m (black)
Notes* The distance between the sensor and the in-line volume for sensitivity adjustment is fixed to 300mm.
AccessoryInstruction manual, mounting screws, washers, nuts,
screwdriver for adjustment (attached to the model whose model number ends with “V”)

Environmental Specification

Ambient light3,000 lx or less
Ambient temperature-25 – +55C (non-freezing)
Ambient humidity35-85%RH (non-condensing)
Protective structureIP64
Vibration10 – 55 Hz / 1.5 mm double amplitude / 2 hours each in 3 direction