3500 Watt Mitsubishi Servo Amplifiers MR-J2S-350A

The MR-J2S/MR-J2M servo amplifiers and its HC/HA servo motors were presented in 1999 as an exceedingly adaptable servo offering intended to fit an extensive variety of utilizations with the presentation of industry driving innovation. The MR-J4 group of servo intensifiers and good HG servo motor epitomize the imaginative soul of the MR-J2S and use front line innovation giving clients a restored upper hand.




Mitsubishi Servo Amplifiers Model List and Features:

Servo amplifier model MR-J2S-MR-J2S-10AMR-J2S-60AMR-J2S-100AMR-J2S-200AMR-J2S-350AMR-J2S-500A
Converter unit model
Servo amplifierVoltage/frequency1-phase 200 to 230VAC 50/60Hz
Permissible voltage fluctuation1-phase 170 to 253VAC
Control circuit power supplyPermissible frequency fluctuation±5% maximum
Power consumption (W)50
3-phase 200 to 230VAC 50/60Hz or 1-phase 230VAC 50/60Hz (Note 2)
Main circuit power supplyVoltage/frequency (Note 1)3-phase 200 to 230VAC 50/60Hz (Note 2)
Permissible voltage fluctuation3-phase 200 to 230VAC: 170 to 253VAC 1-phase 230VAC: 207 to 253VAC
3-phase 170 to 253VAC
Permissible frequency fluctuation±5% maximum
Control systemSine-wave PWM control/current control system
Dynamic brakeBuilt-in (Note 3)
Overcurrent shutdown, regeneration overvoltage shutdown, overload shutdown (electronic thermal), servo motor overheat protection, encoder fault protection, regeneration fault protection, undervoltage/sudden power outage protection, overspeed protection, excess error protection
Safety features
Maximum input pulse frequency500kpps (when using differential receiver), 200 kpps (when using open collector)
Positioning feedback pulseResolution per encoder/servo motor rotation: 131072 p/rev
Command pulse multipleElectronic gear A/B multiple, A: 1 to 65535 or 131072, B: 1 to 65535 1/50 < A/B < 500
Position control modePositioning complete width setting0 to ±10000 pulses (command pulse unit)
Excess error±2.5 rotations
Torque limitSet by parameters or external analog input (0 to +10VDC/maximum torque)
Speed control rangeAnalog speed command 1:2000, internal speed command 1:5000
Analog speed command input0 to ±10VDC/rated speed (Note 4)
Speed control mode±0.01% maximum (load fluctuation 0 to 100%) 0% (power fluctuation ±10%)
Speed fluctuation rate±0.2% maximum (ambient temperature 25°C±10°C [77°F±50°F]), when using analog speed command
Torque limitSet by parameters or external analog input (0 to +10VDC/maximum torque)
Torque control modeAnalog torque command input0 to ±8VDC/maximum torque (input impedance 10 to 12kW)
Speed limitSet by parameters or external analog input (0 to ±10VDC/rated speed)
StructureSelf-cooling open (IP00)Fan cooling open (IP00)
Ambient temperature0 to 55°C (32 to 131°F) (non freezing), storage: –20 to 65°C (–4 to 149°F) (non freezing)
Ambient humidity90% RH maximum (non condensing), storage: 90% RH maximum (non condensing)
Environ- mentAtmosphereIndoors (no direct sunlight); no corrosive gas, inflammable gas, oil mist or dust
Elevation1000m (3280ft) or less above sea level
Vibration5.9m/s2 maximum
Mass    (kg [lb])-1.5-2.4-3.7-4.4-4.4-10.8

Mitsubishi Common used model list

50 WattServo Amplifiers MR-J2S-10A + Servo Motor HC-KFS053

100 WattServo Amplifiers MR-J2S-10A + Servo Motor HC-KFS13

200 WattServo Amplifiers MR-J2S-20A + Servo Motor HC-KFS23

400 WattServo Amplifiers MR-J2S-40A + Servo Motor HC-KFS43

500 WattServo Amplifiers MR-J2S-60A + Servo Motor HC-SFS52

750 WattServo Amplifiers MR-J2S-70A + Servo Motor HC-KFS73

1000 WattServo Amplifiers MR-J2S-100A + Servo Motor HC-SFS102

1500 WattServo Amplifiers MR-J2S-200A + Servo Motor HC-SFS152

2000 WattServo Amplifiers MR-J2S-200A + Servo Motor HC-SFS202

3500 WattServo Amplifiers MR-J2S-350A + Servo Motor HC-SFS352

5000 WattServo Amplifiers MR-J2S-500A + Servo Motor HC-SFS502

7000 WattServo Amplifiers MR-J2S-700A + Servo Motor HC-SFS702