Mitsubishi Servo Motor is one famous brand in servo motor industry. its SERVO AMPLIFIERS is much famous. the main application are position control and speed control. some area machinery also use it  for tension control and speed control.

the main series are MR-J2S,MR-J,MR-H,MR-C,MR-J2,MR-J2S,MR-E,MR-J3,MR-ES,MR-JE.Melservo J4.

What is the Mitsubishi Servo Motor products Advantage?

  1. Easy: Operate just by following the flow.
  2. Reliable: No vibration in a machine during adjustment.
  3. Stable: Takes variations of mechanical characteristics in consideration.
  4. Quick: Takes approximately 10 minutes per axis for adjustment.
  5. Visual: Visually shows adjustment result.

the main models we can offer are as below,if there is no model you need, please contact us for details, if you need other brand, please click the link: Fuji Servo Motor, Yaskawa Servo Motor.


Mitsubishi Servo  Motor main model list available as below:

MR-J4-10A MR-J4-20A MR-J4-40A MR-J4-70A
MR-J4-60A MR-J4-100A MR-J4-200A MR-J4-350A
MR-J4-500A MR-J4-700A
MR-J4-10B MR-J4-20B MR-J4-40B MR-J4-70B
MR-J4-60B MR-J4-100B MR-J4-200B MR-J4-350B
MR-J4-500B MR-J4-700B
MR-J4W2-44B MR-J4W2-77B MR-J4W2-1010B
MR-J4W3-222B MR-J4W3-444B

HG-KR053 HG-KR13 HG-KR23 HG-KR43 HG-KR73 HG-MR053 HG-MR13 HG-MR23 HG-MR43 HG-MR73 HG-SR51 HG-SR81 HG-SR121 HG-SR201 HG-SR301 HG-SR421 HG-SR52 HG-SR102 HG-SR152 HG-SR202 HG-SR352 HG-SR502 HG-SR702 HG-KR053B HG-KR13B HG-KR23B HG-KR43B HG-KR73B HG-MR053B HG-MR13B HG-MR23B HG-MR43B HG-MR73B HG-SR51B HG-SR81B HG-SR121B HG-SR201B HG-SR301B HG-SR421B HG-SR52B HG-SR102B HG-SR152B HG-SR202B HG-SR352B HG-SR502B HG-SR702B

Want to know how our Mitsubishi Servo Motor Price List?

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Mitsubishi Servo Amplifier & Motor Price List