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servo motor with brake


Minas A6 50w High Interia servo motor with brake

Part Number MHMF5AZL1V2M
Details High inertia, Lead wire type
Family Name MINAS A6
Series MHMF Series
Type High inertia
Flange sq. dimension 40 mm sq.
Flange sq. dimension (Unit:mm) 40
Motor lead-out configuration Lead wire
Motor encoder connector Lead wire
Power supply capacity (kVA) AC100 V : 0.4 kVA
AC200 V : 0.5 kVA
Voltage specifications 100 V/200 V common
Rated output 50 W
Rated current (A (rms)) 1.1
Holding brake with
Mass (kg) 0.53
Oil seal with
Shaft Key-way, center tap
Rated torque (N ⋅ m) 0.16
Continuous stall torque (N ⋅ m) 0.18
Momentary Max. peak torque (N ⋅ m) 0.56
Max. current (A (o-p)) 5.5