MHMD042G1U/MHMD042P1U Panasonic servo  motor

MHMD042G1U To Optimize Performance Of Your Servo Motor

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Electronic gadgets have simplified the lives of people to some great extent and thinking life without electricity is something impossible now. Offices, homes, hospitals, schools, colleges and almost every establishment now depend on electric gadgets for different reasons. Servo motors or the AC servo motors are one of the highly used devices of the recent days and to improve its performance you need to have the right kind of supporting machineries. When it comes to the performance of servo motors, you can consider about the MHMD042G1U. Manufactured by Panasonic, this has become a popular choice of people in different places and you can rely on it as well. MHMD042G1U, which has been a popular choice of people in different places have garnered a huge attention in the Chinese market and you can consider for it without much hesitation. Yet, before making the purchase, it will always be better for you to take a peek at the specifications of the device.

Power rating- Servo motor 400w

Suited for drive or motor- MBDKT2510E, MBDHT2510E

Supply voltage- 200-240Vac.

Phases- Single phase or three phase

Single Phase- AC100V-120V, AC200-230V

Three Phase- AC200-230V, AC380V-480V

Power output- 400 W

Surge protection Device- DVOP1450, DCOP4190

Frequency- 50/60 Khz

Communication ports- RS485, RS232

RPM speed- 3000 RPM

Weight- 3kg  it is lighter than old model MHMD042P1U

Loaded with different user-friendly features, MHMD042G1U is now available with different online as well as offline suppliers. That is a succeed model of A4 motor MHMD042P1U. You just need to pick the right dealer for purchasing your device and place your order. Make sure to check the authenticity of the brand as Panasonic devices speaks of their quality and purchasing a fake model may not offer you the desired satisfaction. When you are purchasing MHMD042G1U from any online store, it will be better for you to know about the replacement policies of the store so that you can avoid any inconveniences later.