MBDHT2510 Panasonic servo motor driver 



ItemPerformance characteristics
Frame SymbolFrame B
Supply voltage specificationSingle/3-phase, 200 V
Current detector current rating10 A
Ratedoutput400 W
Regeneration resistorNo built-in regenerative resistor
Control modePulse line input type
Application seriesA5E series

MBDHT2510 Servo Motor For Best Performance

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The dependence of human beings on electronic gadgets has increased significantly in the recent days. Whether it is completing a difficult calculation or it is just about washing the dishes at home, electronic gadgets are now available for almost all types of work. You just need to select the device you need and make your life hassle free. Yet, just purchasing the device is not all. If you want to get the best value for the money that you are paying for the device, it is important for you to take care of its maintenance and boost its performance with the necessary supports. People using servo motor accessories for their work can use MBDHT2510 for ensuring better performance from it. Manufactured by Panasonic, MBDHT2510 is now a popular choice among the servo motor users and you can rely on it as well. To know more, you can check out its specifications on details.

MBDHT2510 is tested for offering the best service to the users and there are rare cases of anycomplain with the device. Yet, it is important to know the usage guidelines for it before making it operative. Also check the compatibility issues so that there is no damage to the electronic items used. MBDHT2510 offers complete precision and you can rely on it in the same way as you do with any other Panasonic models. Though the company has launched several new models for replacing the old ones, MBDHT2510 is still a popular choice. Owing to its demand, you can now find it on multiple stores and place your order.


MBDHT2510EPart Number
A5E seriesDetails
Position control type
without the safety function
MINAS A5Family Name
A5E seriesSeries
Position control typeType
2.3 kHzFrequency response
Position controlControl method
without the safety functionSafety Function
15APower device Max. current rating
10ACurrent detector current rating
Single/3-phase 200 VSupply voltage
Analog/PulseI/F Classification of type
55Dimensions (W) (Unit: mm)
150Dimensions (H) (Unit: mm)
130Dimensions (D) (Unit: mm)
1Mass (kg)
For more details, please refer to the instruction manual.Environment