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Servo Drive


Minas A6 50w Servo Drive

Part Number MADLT05SF
Details A6SF series
Multifunction type (Pulse
with the safety function
Family Name MINAS A6
Series A6SF series
Type Multifunction type
Frame A-Frame
Frequency response 3.2 kHz
Control method Position control, Velocity control, Torque control, and Full-closed control
Safety Function with
Supply voltage Single/3-phase 200 V
I/F Classification of type Analog /Pulse, Modbus (RS485 /RS232)
Dimensions (W) (Unit: mm) 40
Dimensions (H) (Unit: mm) 150
Dimensions (D) (Unit: mm) 130
Mass (kg) 0.8
Environment For more details, please refer to the instruction manual.