48 × 96 mm E5EC-800 OMRON PID Temperature Controller.

Huge PV Display Which made it is Easier to Read.
Convenient to Use, from Unit Selection to Setup and Operation.
A Complete Variety of I/O Capacities,Functions, and performance.
A white LCD PHOTOVOLTAIC display with an elevation of approx. 18 millimeter for the E5EC-800 and 25 mm for the E5AC-800
improves visibility.

  • High-speed sampling at 55ms.
  • Short body with depth of only 60 mm.
  • Convenient connections to a PLC with programless communications.
    Work with component communications to web page link Temperature
    Controllers to each other.
  • The new position-proportional control models allow you to
    control regulators as well.


Model Number features and Standard Models



ModelPower supply voltageControl output 1Control output 2Auxiliary outputCommunicationsHeater burnoutEvent inputs
E5EC-RX2ASM-800100 to 240 VACRelay outputTwo
E5EC-QX2ASM-800Voltage output
E5EC-CX2ASM-800Linear current output
E5EC-RR2ASM-800Relay outputRelay output
E5EC-QR2ASM-800Voltage outputRelay output
E5EC-CR2ASM-800Linear current outputRelay output
E5EC-RX2DSM-80024 VAC/VDCRelay output
E5EC-QX2DSM-800Voltage output
E5EC-CX2DSM-800Linear current output
E5EC-RR2DSM-800Relay outputRelay output
E5EC-QR2DSM-800Voltage outputRelay output
E5EC-CR2DSM-800Linear current outputRelay output
E5EC-RR2ASM-808100 to 240 VACRelay outputRelay outputOneTwo
E5EC-QR2ASM-808Voltage outputRelay output
E5EC-RR2DSM-80824 VAC/VDCRelay outputRelay outputRS-485
E5EC-QR2DSM-808Voltage outputRelay output
E5EC-RR2ASM-810100 to 240 VACRelay outputRelay outputFour
E5EC-QR2ASM-810Voltage outputRelay output
E5EC-RR2DSM-81024 VAC/VDCRelay outputRelay output
E5EC-QR2DSM-810Voltage outputRelay output
E5EC-CR2ASM-804100 to 240 VACLinear current outputRelay outputTwo
E5EC-CR2DSM-80424 VAC/VDCLinear current outputRelay outputRS-485
E5EC-PR0ASM-800100 to 240 VACRelay output (Open)*Relay output (Close)*
E5EC-PR2ASM-800Relay output (Open)*Relay output (Close)*Two
E5EC-PR2ASM-804Relay output (Open)*Relay output (Close)*RS-485Two
E5AC-800 48 ´ 96 mm
ModelControl output 1Power supply voltage
E5AC-RX1ASM-800Relay output
E5AC-QX1ASM-800Voltage output
E5AC-CX1ASM-800Linear current output
E5AC-RX3ASM-800Relay output100 to 240 VAC
E5AC-QX3ASM-800Voltage output
E5AC-CX3ASM-800Linear current output
E5AC-RX1DSM-800Relay output
E5AC-QX1DSM-800Voltage output
E5AC-CX1DSM-800Linear current output
E5AC-RX3DSM-800Relay output24 VAC/VDC
E5AC-QX3DSM-800Voltage output
E5AC-CX3DSM-800Linear current output
E5AC-RX3ASM-808Relay output
E5AC-QX3ASM-808Voltage output100 to 240 VAC
E5AC-RX3DSM-808Relay output
E5AC-QX3DSM-808Voltage output24 VAC/VDC
E5AC-RX3ASM-810Relay output
E5AC-QX3ASM-810Voltage output100 to 240 VAC
E5AC-RX3DSM-810Relay output
E5AC-QX3DSM-810Voltage output24 VAC/VDC
E5AC-CX3ASM-804Linear current output100 to 240 VAC
E5AC-CX3DSM-804Linear current output24 VAC/VDC
E5AC-PR0ASM-800Relay output (Open)*
E5AC-PR2ASM-800Relay output (Open)*100 to 240 VAC
E5AC-PR2ASM-804Relay output (Open)*