Omron E5CN  1/16 DIN PID Digital Temperature Controller

  • Controllers with Terminal Blocks
  • Auto setting and self setting is available.
  • Analog input now is available
  • High Protection Degree IP66
  •  Have a widely range of application

Omron Temperature Controller Standard Models

ModelPower supply voltageInput typeAuxiliary outputsControl output 1
E5CN-RMT-500Relay output
E5CN-QMT-500100 to 240 VACThermocouple or Resistance thermometerNoneVoltage output (for driving SSR)
E5CN-CMT-500Current output
E5CN-R2MT-500Relay output
E5CN-Q2MT-5002Voltage output (for driving SSR)
E5CN-Y2MT-500Long-life relay output (hybrid)
E5CN-RMTD-500Relay output
E5CN-QMTD-50024 VAC/VDCThermocouple or Resistance thermometerNoneVoltage output (for driving SSR)
E5CN-CMTD-500Current output
E5CN-R2MTD-500Relay output
E5CN-Q2MTD-5002Voltage output (for driving SSR)
E5CN-RML-500Relay output
E5CN-CML-500Current output
E5CN-R2ML-500Relay output
E5CN-Q2ML-5002Voltage output (for driving SSR)
E5CN-Y2ML-500Long-life relay output (hybrid)
E5CN-R2MLD-500Relay output
E5CN-Q2MLD-50024 VAC/VDCAnalog (current/voltage)2Voltage output (for driving SSR)
E5CN-C2MLD-500Current output
E5CN-QMT-W-500100 to 240 VACThermocouple or Resistance thermometerNoneVoltage output (for driving SSR)
E5CN-CMT-W-500Current output
E5CN-R2MT-W-500Relay output
E5CN-Q2MT-W-5002Voltage output (for driving SSR)
E5CN-C2MT-W-500Current output
E5CN-Y2MT-W-500Long-life relay output (hybrid)
E5CN-R2MTD-W-500Relay output
E5CN-Q2MTD-W-50024 VAC/VDC2Voltage output (for driving SSR)
E5CN-C2MTD-W-500Current output


This products is the best popular models series in Omron Temperature control products. With increased functioning of the Temperature Controller, it is just a world made easy for you as it is quiet user friendly and comes with easy configurations.

This can be a new developed model with analog inputs and current output, the PV\SV-status screen will automatically alternate shows between status of temperatures and PV. The model series is sold with easy LED screen which will display up to 4-digits on the screen, it has both auto and manual shifting and simple programming function. It even maintains the relays in Temperature Control by using a  Control Output.


Power supply voltageNo D in model number: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
D in model number: 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 24 VDC
Operating voltage range85% to 110% of rated supply voltage
Power consumption100 to 240 VAC: 8.5 VA (max.) (E5CN-HR2 at 100 VAC: 3.0 VA)
24 VAC/VDC: 5.5 VA (24 VAC)/3.5 W (24 VDC) (max.) (E5CN-HR2D at 24 VAC: 2.7 VA)
Sensor inputAny of the following can be selected (i.e., fully universal input).
Thermocouple: K, J, T, E, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, or PL II
Platinum resistance thermometer: Pt100 or JPt100
Current input: 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 20 mA
Voltage input: 1 to 5 V, 0 to 5 V, or 0 to 10 V
Input impedanceCurrent input: 150 Ω max., Voltage input: 1 M Ω min. (Use a 1:1 connection when connecting the ES2-HB.)
Control methodON/OFF control or 2-PID control (with auto-tuning)