CX-481  Compact Photoelectric Sensor 

Sensors that are environmentally and user friendly.

Reducing environmental burdens further Up to 60% less power consumption

The total lineup of 148 models covers through the inclusion of a newly developed custom integrated circuit. The CX-400 series achieves reductions in power consumption of up to 60%, averaging 44% reduc- tion when upgrading due to its unique design. These sensors reduce carbon emissions and contribute to environmental friendliness.




Long sensing rangeWith polarizing filtersLong sensing rangeFor transparent object sensingDiffuse reflectiveNarrow-view
Model No.NPN outputCX-411CX-412CX-413CX-491CX-493CX-481CX-483CX-482CX-424CX-421CX-422CX-423
PNP outputCX-411-PCX-412-PCX-413-PCX-491-PCX-493-PCX-481-PCX-483-PCX-482-PCX-424-PCX-421-PCX-422-PCX-423-P
Sensing range10 m15 m30 m

3 m

5 m

50 to 500 mm50 to 1,000 mm0.1 to 2 m100 mm300 mm800 mm70 to 300 mm
Supply voltage

12 to 24 V DC±10 %

NPN output type: NPN open-collector transistor, PNP output type: PNP open-collector transistor
OutputOutput   operation

Switchable either Light-ON or Dark-ON

Response time1 ms or less2 ms or less

1 ms or less


IP67 (IEC)

Ambient temperature

-25 to +55 °C

Emitting element (modulated)Red LEDInfrared LEDRed LED

Infrared LED