Yaskawa Model Capacity Selection Guide

Yaskawa Model Capacity Selection Guide

Rotary Servomotors Rated Output [W] SERVOPACK Model Power calbe (3m) Encoder Cable(3m)
SGM7J Medium inertia, high speed 3000min-1 SGM7J-A5A 50 W SGD7S-R70A JZSP-C7CM03-03-E JZSP-CMP10-03
SGM7J-01A 100 W SGD7S-R90A JZSP-C7CM03-03-E JZSP-CMP10-03
SGM7J-C2A 150 W SGD7S-1R6A JZSP-C7CM03-03-E JZSP-CMP10-03
SGM7J-02A 200 W SGD7S-1R6A JZSP-C7CM03-03-E JZSP-CMP10-03
SGM7J-04A 400 W SGD7S-2R8A JZSP-C7CM03-03-E JZSP-CMP10-03
SGM7J-06A 600 W SGD7S-5R5A JZSP-C7CM03-03-E JZSP-CMP10-03
SGM7J-08A 750 W SGD7S-5R5A JZSP-C7CM03-03-E JZSP-CMP10-03
SGM7A Low inertia, high speed 3000min-1 SGM7A-A5A 50 W SGD7S-R70A JZSP-C7M10F-03-E JZSP-C7PI0D-03-E
SGM7A-01A 100 W SGD7S-R90A JZSP-C7M10F-03-E JZSP-C7PI0D-03-E
SGM7A-C2A 150 W SGD7S-1R6A JZSP-C7M10F-03-E JZSP-C7PI0D-03-E
SGM7A-02A 200 W SGD7S-1R6A JZSP-C7M20F-03-E JZSP-C7PI0D-03-E
SGM7A-04A 400 W SGD7S-2R8A JZSP-C7M20F-03-E JZSP-C7PI0D-03-E
SGM7A-06A 600 W SGD7S-5R5A JZSP-C7M20F-03-E JZSP-C7PI0D-03-E
SGM7A-08A 750 W SGD7S-5R5A JZSP-C7M30F-03-E JZSP-C7PI0D-03-E
SGM7A-10A 1.0 kW SGD7S-120A JZSP-C7M30F-03-E JZSP-C7PI0D-03-E
SGM7A-15A 1.5 kW SGD7S-120A JZSP-UVA101-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
SGM7A-20A 2.0 kW SGD7S-180A JZSP-UVA301-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
SGM7A-25A 2.5 kW SGD7S-200A JZSP-UVA501-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
SGM7A-30A 3.0 kW SGD7S-200A JZSP-UVA601-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
SGM7A-40A 4.0 kW SGD7S-330A JZSP-UVA701-03-E
SGM7A-50A 5.0 kW SGD7S-330A JZSP-UVA701-03-E
SGM7A-70A 7.0 kW SGD7S-550A JZSP-UVA901-03-E
SGM7P Medium Inertia,Flat 3000min-1 SGM7P-01A 100 W SGD7S-R90A JZSP-CSM01-03-E JZSP-C7PI0D-03-E
SGM7P-02A 200 W SGD7S-2R8A JZSP-CSM02-03-E JZSP-C7PI0D-03-E
SGM7P-04A 400 W SGD7S-2R8A JZSP-CSM02-03-E JZSP-C7PI0D-03-E
SGM7P-08A 750 W SGD7S-5R5A JZSP-CMM00-03-E JZSP-C7PI0D-03-E
SGM7P-15A 1.5 kW SGD7S-120A JZSP-CMM20-03-E JZSP-C7PI0D-03-E
SGM7G Medium inertia, large torque 1500min-1 SGM7G-03A 300 W SGD7S-3R8A JZSP-CVM21-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
SGM7G-05A 450 W SGD7S-3R8A JZSP-CVM21-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
SGM7G-09A 850 W SGD7S-7R6A JZSP-UVA101-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
SGM7G-13A 1.3 kW SGD7S-120A JZSP-UVA101-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
SGM7G-20A 1.8 kW SGD7S-180A JZSP-UVA301-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
SGM7G-30A 2.9 kW*2 SGD7S-330A JZSP-UVA701-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
SGM7G-44A 4.4 kW SGD7S-330A JZSP-UVA701-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
SGM7G-55A 5.5 kW SGD7S-470A JZSP-UVAA01-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
SGM7G-75A 7.5 kW SGD7S-550A JZSP-UVAA01-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
SGM7G-1AA 11 kW SGD7S-590A JZSP-UVAB01-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
SGM7G-1EA 15 kW SGD7S-780A JZSP-UVAB01-03-E JZSP-CVP01-03-E
sgd7s-5r5a00a002 sgdm-30ada sgdm-04ada sgdm-10ada SGDH-15DE-OY

Parameters of Yaskawa servo motor Sigma-7 Σ-7-Series

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